Where Two Passions Meet

Where Two Passions Meet

Hello everyone! My name is Lea El Meawar, I am a climber/photographer, and here's my story.

Nature and the outdoors didn't play a significant role in my life initially. I was surrounded by people who had little interest in sports or outdoor activities. However, there was always a persistent inner voice encouraging me to explore. Gradually, I embarked on small adventures in nature, such as camping and hiking. It was during these outings that my passion for photography ignited. I felt compelled to capture the breathtaking scenes I encountered and share them with others. At the time, photography was merely a hobby.

During this period, I was in the final stages of my seven-year journey studying veterinary medicine, diligently working on my theses. In the summer of 2020, shortly after the end of the COVID quarantine, I was on a camping trip with friends when I heard someone mention rock climbing. This piqued my curiosity, and I began researching places where I could learn this sport to see if it resonated with me. In October 2020, I tried rock climbing for the first time and instantly became addicted. Fast forward four years, and my passion for this sport still burns with love and dedication.

After completing my thesis, graduating, and securing an internship at an equine hospital in France, my future seemed well-planned. However, a setback occurred when my visa was unexpectedly denied. Despite making appeals and reapplying, nothing changed. I felt lost, my carefully laid plans were in ruins, and I turned to climbing as an escape. When I was on the wall, the world around me disappeared, leaving only the challenge of the climb.

In the midst of this uncertainty, I was offered a job as a photographer, which marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life. My passion for photography grew even stronger, and I found a way to combine my two greatest loves: climbing and photography. I started bringing my camera to the crag, capturing my friends' remarkable achievements, the happy moments, the smiles, the falls … everything. And I kept going, in both climbing and photography. Where climbing was a way to stay active physically and mentally, photography was a way to add emotion, art and storytelling to the Sport.

Some of the best experiences combining climbing and photography were:

- In January 2022 I shot Edgard Kazzi on “crawl-ine” and we won an award in the “Lebanese outdoor film festival”

- In April 2023 I shot the second ascent of the hardest route in Lebanon “Avaatar” by young french athlete Victor Guillermin

I'm committed to consistently documenting the climbing scene in Lebanon, with a focus on showcasing the sport's beauty and untapped potential. Through photographs, videos, and stories, I aim to capture the essence of climbing, preserve its legacy, and inspire others to explore the stunning natural landscapes of Lebanon. I believe that climbing has the potential to grow and thrive in the region, and I'm optimistic that the best is yet to come for this sport in Lebanon.

So, stay tuned for more, and keep fighting for what you love.

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